20191203 Shark dude

We’ll get you that close up Bluff, South Island


SEASON OPENS:  1st December 2025!


DAY 110  - Last Tour Update: 14th June 2024

Man, it was cold!     It was a tough crossing day and a very long day waiting to see sharks.... but that was not to eventuate.   To our passengers today;  Congratulations!  you survived the Foveaux Strati!  We looking forward to hosting you again next season - we hope with better results!.


The 2023/2024 Shark Cage Diving season is now closed.    See you all next year!

206503199544746_853868786758960 1717632005

05 Jun 2024

Plan your 2024/2025 Shark Cage Dive adventure today, dates have been released! ????????????

206503199544746_842528467892992 1716941487

17 May 2024

What constitutes a ‘Shiver of Sharks’? ????
Tour footage from 28 April 2024

206503199544746_825850619560777 1716941487

21 Apr 2024

The Bigger the Waves, the Bigger the Sharks! ????????
Its that time of year when we have the pleasure of meeting some serio...

206503199544746_775007611311745 1716941487

27 Jan 2024

Time to meet Earney! Instant love with this guy!

#shark #greatwhite #sharklover #SharkLove #diving #ocean #sharkexperienceb...

206503199544746_767163308762842 1716941487

14 Jan 2024

Unfashionably early but fabulous! ????

206503199544746_766526735493166 1716941487

13 Jan 2024

Season Update: Tough old week on the Strait - there has been sun, there has been rain, there has been wind... and the odd sh...

206503199544746_765940195551820 1716941487

12 Jan 2024

Shark Cage Diving question #42: Can I bring my own camera? Answer: Hell Yes! The glory of THAT shark shot is yours! ...

206503199544746_760854462727060 1716941487

04 Jan 2024

Live from the boat… there is something down there ????????????

206503199544746_760279159451257 1716941488

02 Jan 2024

Live from the boat: Weather Update! We are lacking sun but not sharks! ????
#sharks #wetweather #toughstuff #sharkexperiencen...

206503199544746_760278512784655 1716941488

02 Jan 2024

Love from tne boat

206503199544746_759754762837030 1716941488

02 Jan 2024

Live from the boat: Weather Update! We are lacking sun but not sharks! ????
#sharks #wetweather #toughstuff #sharkexperiencen...

206503199544746_759286839550489 1716941488

01 Jan 2024

Another Tag Hunt! If you are travelling anywhere north of Greymouth ( near Point Elizabeth) how about a nice walk on the ...

206503199544746_753137170165456 1716941488

22 Dec 2023

Update from todays Shark Cage Dive Tour

206503199544746_750627673749739 1716941488

17 Dec 2023

"Shark Cage Dive Company supports the Tiaki Promise"??? Hell Yes!! ???????? One of the key concepts for Tiaki is to Pro...

206503199544746_747683924044114 1716941488

12 Dec 2023

Bouncy old day on the Strait! ????️????

206503199544746_745411944271312 1702076404

08 Dec 2023

A nice end to Discovery's Shark Week ???? in New Zealand ... an international satellite shark tag is found on our local beac...

206503199544746_744436181035555 1716941488

07 Dec 2023

Shark Tag located! Massive thank you to Kelsi and Quasi the Lab who located this precious wee package!

On the low tide yeste...

07 Dec 2023

UPDATE: Tag has been LOCATED!

A big thank you to everyone who has helped so far with the hunt for the Shark Tag at Fortr...

206503199544746_743174857828354 1716941489

04 Dec 2023

UPDATE; it’s been found!!! Quasi the Lab and his fabulous owner, Kelsi, found the right bit of seaweed at the right time! The...

206503199544746_742833761195797 1716941489

04 Dec 2023

Sending out good vibes for something amazing from Santa?? Tell him you want to come to the tail end of the South Island, Mur...

30 Nov 2023

Love it when the Skipper yells Shark!!! ???? ✅

206503199544746_738875054925001 1701039603

26 Nov 2023

Did ya see that? Yeah - Nah. Real Sharks. Real Southland. Real Ocean. Really.
#shark #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagediving #s...

206503199544746_738494761629697 1701039603

26 Nov 2023

Yeap, it can be sunny in Southland! Just dont tell anyone in the North Island... otherwise they will all want to visit!

206503199544746_737183118427528 1700780403

23 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving Season is just days away! Not sure if you can DO IT? Easiest dive ever!!!
#shark #sharkdive #cagediving #...

206503199544746_734974251981748 1700434803

19 Nov 2023

11 Days to GO!!!! Water, Wind, Wildlife and Wonder.... Full day tours departing from Bluff, South Island. Dive gear inc...

206503199544746_733895228756317 1700262003

17 Nov 2023

What's your South Island holiday story gonna sound like? If you are looking for the unexpected, then try a day with us....

206503199544746_732898242189349 1700175603

16 Nov 2023

Countdown is on!! So excited!!!! or is it just me?
#sharkcagediving #sharklover #greatwhiteshark #summer #newzealandmustdo...

206503199544746_732427872236386 1700089207

15 Nov 2023

Eye contact is important in any relationship.. right? ????
#16sleepstogo #sharklove #nature #summer #greatwhiteshark #Eye...

206503199544746_731055485706958 1699830004

12 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving Season Countdown... 18 Days!
#countdown #sharks #greatwhiteshark #romanticholiday #sexyaf #summer #sharkexp...

206503199544746_730725349073305 1699830004

12 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving Season Countdown: 19 Days! Have your moment with nature....
#greatwhiteshark #newzealand #southislandnz...

206503199544746_728897909256049 1699484403

08 Nov 2023

What is that?
Its a Shark Cage! 22 Sleeps to go and that beast will be in the water!

206503199544746_728632582615915 1699484404

08 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving Season Countdown: 21 Days!
Have your moment with nature....
#greatwhiteshark #newzealand #southislandn...

206503199544746_727343439411496 1699225203

05 Nov 2023

We are on the countdown to get that close!
#shark #greatwhiteshark #sharkdive #cagedivingtours #countdown #sharkexperienceblu...

206503199544746_727071442772029 1699225203

05 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving? Season Countdown is on! 26 Sleeps....

206503199544746_726337756178731 1699052406

03 Nov 2023

We travel to get that special moment in some place amazing - right? Come hang with the locals down here... there might even ...

206503199544746_725820506230456 1698966003

02 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving Season Countdown: 28 Days to go!
Opitmal ascent speed? A diving term you wont need for this tour...

206503199544746_725255359620304 1698879603

01 Nov 2023

Shark Cage Diving Season Countdown: 29 Days to go!
#sharkcagedive #divingtrip #sharks #greatwhiteshark #countdown #sharkexper...

206503199544746_716845897127917 1697583605

17 Oct 2023

43 Days until the 1st day of the New Zealand Shark Cage Diving season!! ????????????
#greatwhitesharks #whiteshark #cagedivin...

206503199544746_698791752266665 1694995203

17 Sep 2023

Shark Cage Diving Question #5: Where is Bluff? Whats in Bluff??
Yes, there is a bit more to travelling in the South Island...

206503199544746_695241192621721 1694476804

11 Sep 2023

It's Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) so we are encouraging all Shark Lovers to practice with the name of our fa...

07 Sep 2023

Call out for information regarding the recent Sealion incidents in Dunedin. There are only about 12, 000 of these guys left ...

206503199544746_690024596476714 1693612804

01 Sep 2023

???????????? Great work Ruapuke Uncut!!!!

206503199544746_687267220085785 1693267204

28 Aug 2023

Wanna add "Shark Guy" or "Shark Gal" to your CV work history? Shark Experience Bluff are expanding our team for the 2023/20...

206503199544746_680262337452940 1692230403

16 Aug 2023

Whether you love ????????Shark Week ???????? for its teeth, its breaches, its educational content ????, its a great opportuni...

206503199544746_677886884357152 1691884804

12 Aug 2023

Can a couple of Scots take on the might Foveaux Strait and look eye to eye with a Great White? ????
#samheughan #grahammact...

206503199544746_651887956957045 1688083205

29 Jun 2023

The last Shark Smile for the 2022/2023 season! This wee dude is our final fin sighted until we hit the water again on 1st D...

206503199544746_639149988230842 1686182405

07 Jun 2023

Happy World Ocean Day! ????????????????????
Not sure if you can make help with protecting our Oceans?
Check out nice pass...

06 Jun 2023

Research Call Out:

Did you meet a Great White Shark last summer - by accident?

We would love to hear about it!

206503199544746_633259238819917 1685404806

29 May 2023

Hey Shark Lovers! If you are in the Papamoa Beach area, please lend a hand to help find Daisy’s Shark tag. ????????‍♂️

206503199544746_620714873407687 1683676806

09 May 2023

2023/24 Season Tour Dates for Shark Cage Diving with the crew at Shark Experience are due to be released soon. If you are loo...

206503199544746_615613953917779 1682985607

01 May 2023

Looking for some chill time?
#longerthanareel #real #sharklove #sharkexperiencebluff #greatwhitesharks #underwaterphotograp...

206503199544746_613132714165903 1682553611

26 Apr 2023

Heading into the winter months... the waters get clearer, the seas get more exciting... but worth every moment with these guy...

206503199544746_612214484257726 1682467209

25 Apr 2023

A tough day at sea for the team... but these guys look chill.
#bigwaves #wildlife #gopro #sharks #greatwhitesharks #diving #s...

206503199544746_608748271271014 1681948808

19 Apr 2023

yeap... it happens...

206503199544746_606471691498672 1681603211

15 Apr 2023

It’s not often we see the Foveaux Strait like this… ( I mean the sun! ) An amazing day out with some super keen divers and fi...

206503199544746_605848348227673 1681516809

14 Apr 2023

Live from the boat
#live #sharks #sharkexperiencebluff

206503199544746_605461588266349 1681430407

13 Apr 2023

We still get super excited when we see this wee guy! No filters here, he travels with his own bubbles...
#sharklove #bubbl...

206503199544746_598582825620892 1680303607

31 Mar 2023

We have been so excited about the Big Gals turning up, we forgot to welcome the Big Boys back! ???? We call them mangō ur...

206503199544746_597004942445347 1680130808

28 Mar 2023

Days getting cooler? For our ????team as the waves get bigger, so do the sharks, but some days its just better to stay insi...

206503199544746_593760912769750 1679612408

23 Mar 2023

Any of our Northland Shark Lovers able to help here?

206503199544746_591591639653344 1679266808

19 Mar 2023

Just hanging out under the waves..
#sharkdance #sharkexperiencebluff #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagediving #sharkdive #bluffnz #...

206503199544746_590436196435555 1679094007

17 Mar 2023

Big Gals are addictive! Well, that's what the Boss says...
???? Miss Jordan N

#bigfish #ladies #greatwhiteshark #shark...

206503199544746_588928506586324 1678834810

14 Mar 2023

Got a thing for Great White sharks? Check out this cool project by the team from Sustainable Oceans Society NZ.


206503199544746_587786816700493 1678662009

12 Mar 2023

Weather: crazy.
Dive conditions: our favourite ????

206503199544746_587209796758195 1678662009

11 Mar 2023

Today is the last day of Seaweek 2023 - which celebrates our ocean/moana, its special inhabitants and how we connect to it. ...

206503199544746_586593363486505 1678489209

10 Mar 2023

This week is Seaweek! ????????????????????????????????
Usually our team spend Seaweek celebrating and promoting the ways tha...

206503199544746_586593530153155 1680912008

10 Mar 2023

This week is Seaweek! ????????????????????????????????
Usually our team spend Seaweek celebrating and promoting the ways tha...

206503199544746_586567683489073 1678489209

10 Mar 2023

Wee snippet of this lady from our tour on the 26th January.... gotta love how she uses the haze (aka bad vis) and sooo slooww...

206503199544746_577534831059025 1677279608

24 Feb 2023

No filters needed and no words required to appreciate this pretty face! Just another amazing day at sea with the ladies...

206503199544746_574812161331292 1676934007

20 Feb 2023

Yes, they are back! The ladies have arrived in the Strait! They are smiley, they are sassy and a sight for sore eyes!

206503199544746_570263948452780 1676329208

13 Feb 2023

Our thoughts are with all our North Island Te Ika-a-Māui shark lovers ????????. May today have calmer waters for you all

206503199544746_564851052327403 1675638015

05 Feb 2023

Boring post, but important information! ????
Shark Experience updates about weather impacts and the sharks can be found at

15 Jan 2023

SHARK!!!! ????????????????????

206503199544746_540819184730590 1672614008

01 Jan 2023

Happy New Year from the team at Shark Experience - Bluff! Our whanau wish yours a safe summer and a year full of amazing mo...

206503199544746_538520968293745 1672354809

29 Dec 2022

Well, we don't get to see this often! Blue Sharks are seen in our waters in above average temperatures - which is what's on...

206503199544746_537672788378563 1672182010

27 Dec 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #5: Will I see sharks?
Answer: We hope so! Our job is to get you to the remote and amazing p...

206503199544746_534230995389409 1671836409

23 Dec 2022

Seasons Greetings from the team Shark Experience - Bluff ????
We look forward to seeing lots of shark lovers ( and sharks) w...

206503199544746_525044519641390 1670886011

12 Dec 2022

Sunny days, magic moments and sharks! #greatwhiteshark #summer #sharks #sharkexperiencebluff #bluffnz #southlandnz #newzealan...

206503199544746_524141336398375 1670799610

10 Dec 2022

Have you got a thing for sharks? We have had a couple of dive spots become available for tomorrows full day tour. All dive ge...

206503199544746_523328106479698 1670626809

09 Dec 2022

Live from the boat….

206503199544746_522846583194517 1670626809

09 Dec 2022

Day 6 of the Shark Cage diving season... squeezing an eight hour day into 1 minute - GO!
#sharks #sharkcagediving #greatwhite...

206503199544746_520921773386998 1670367609

06 Dec 2022

We love sharks… but we love these guys too! #Spotted on Bluffs’s Argyle Beach yesterday, napping!

If you see any on your tr...

206503199544746_519542916858217 1670194809

04 Dec 2022

Do you love the ocean like we do? Showing your love for our special marine environment might be as simple as picking up rubb...

206503199544746_519161870229655 1670194811

04 Dec 2022

Day 3 Tour - The season kicking off to a wet and windy start... but worth it to see these guys!

206503199544746_518055717006937 1670022008

02 Dec 2022

Day 2: Four seasons in one day, no buns and two Great Whites! Best Shark Chart yet by the Hose Whanau!
#chocolatefish #gre...

30 Nov 2022

From the Boat: SHARK!!!!????????????

206503199544746_516460220499820 1669849210

30 Nov 2022

And just like that, it’s DAY ONE of the Shark Cage Diving Season! A wee bit of rain, a wee bit of wind and hopefully some am...

206503199544746_515400693939106 1669762811

29 Nov 2022

Countdown: 1 Day, 10 Hours, 34 minutes.....
For most of our passengers, this is the first shark they get to see on our tou...

206503199544746_513772624101913 1669503609

26 Nov 2022

While our social media team post this, the crew are on the Strait doing a recog..... and ....
We've got Sharks! Great W...

206503199544746_513220650823777 1669503610

26 Nov 2022

Nature and its amazing moments! We learn something new everyday!
#countdown #sharkcagediving #5moresleeps #sharkexperiencebl...

206503199544746_511213164357859 1669244409

23 Nov 2022

7 days - ONE WEEK!!! How easy is it getting in the cage? This easy...
#sharkcagediving #cagedive #sharkdive #diving #scu...

206503199544746_508085694670606 1668812409

18 Nov 2022

There is just something magical about looking these guys in the eye. 11 days and counting.
#magicmoments #countdown #sharkca...

206503199544746_506717608140748 1668726009

17 Nov 2022

13 days and our team hit the water! You coming?
#sharkexperiencenz #sharkexperiencebluff #sharkcagedive #sharkcagediving #g...

206503199544746_505280504951125 1668553215

15 Nov 2022

15 days, 16 more sleeps and then about six months of making dreams come true!
#shark #cagedive #sharkcagediving #sharkcagediv...

206503199544746_504187178393791 1668380408

13 Nov 2022

16 days...
#sharkexperiencebluff #dreamscometrue #sharklover #sharkdive #holiday #southlandnz #southislandnz #newzealand #co...

206503199544746_503730168439492 1668380409

13 Nov 2022

Yeap, its that time of year again! Our Shark Cage Dive EVouchers are there to offer you an emergency instant Christmas Eve ...

206503199544746_502874228525086 1668294009

11 Nov 2022

Romantic remote islands, a boat, gentle waves, a wee bit of shark love..... ???????????? 18 days to go...
#countdown #grea...

206503199544746_502755615203614 1668207611

11 Nov 2022

Shark Experience are tough on their crew; rough seas, crazy wild animals and remote work locations… we even have a mandatory ...

206503199544746_502253851920457 1668207611

11 Nov 2022

19 Days.
#countdown #sharks #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagediving #sharkdive #bluffnz #southlandnz #newzealand

206503199544746_501375612008281 1668034810

09 Nov 2022

How much do you love Great Whites? Wanna name one? ????????????
Then reach out and be part of one of the few New Zealand ...

206503199544746_500009068811602 1667948411

08 Nov 2022

Nothing but calm seas, blue skies and shark sightings! 22 Days to go until the season kicks off!

206503199544746_497786575700518 1667602810

04 Nov 2022

Countdown is on for the start of Shark Cage Diving season! Making dreams come true is our aim and doing it right is our game ...

206503199544746_497330795746096 1667602811

04 Nov 2022

26 Days and counting... Nothing beats this smile! Have you booked your moment with nature?
#smile #sharks...

206503199544746_496195202526322 1667430009

02 Nov 2022

27 Days and counting... Shark Experience offer full day tours out of Bluff between 1st December and June. No dive experien...

206503199544746_495466055932570 1667343608

01 Nov 2022

28 Days and counting...... New January dates released.
#sharkexperiencebluff #sharks #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagediving #shar...

206503199544746_494792879333221 1667257208

31 Oct 2022

29 Days and counting...... just for Amy
#sharkexperiencebluff #sharks #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagediving #sharkdive #bluffnz #...

206503199544746_485474800265029 1666306814

19 Oct 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #28: When is the best time to book?
Answer: Roll the dice baby! Every day is different.
The w...

206503199544746_478214387657737 1665442809

10 Oct 2022

Looking for a sea change? ????

206503199544746_477804034365439 1665442809

10 Oct 2022

Looking back at some happy memories from the 2018/2019 season... and loving this face! Bring on summer!

???? Morin P

26 Sep 2022

Bluff Oyster Festival is bank!

206503199544746_461315922680917 1663718410

20 Sep 2022

Planning for your trip to New Zealand? We encourage you to consider the Tiaki Promise:
???? Care for land, sea and nature. T...

206503199544746_2042388749289506 1662681603

08 Sep 2022

This is an opportunity for every shark lover, fisher person and ocean loving human to have their voice heard. Shark managemen...

206503199544746_2014607442067637 1661731203

28 Aug 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #18: WHAT IF THE WEATHER IS BAD?
Answer: Welcome to Southland! Weather is key, but although we ...

206503199544746_2014602148734833 1661126403

21 Aug 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #6: Can you guarantee I'll see sharks?
Answer: Hell No! 94% of the time we see sharks... but s...

206503199544746_2014601515401563 1661040003

20 Aug 2022

Lots of fish in the Foveaux Strait, we are just lucky enough that 94% of the time we see Great Whites!

206503199544746_2014598492068532 1660521603

14 Aug 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #68: HOW BIG IS YOUR BOAT?
Answer: Yeah... Movie Refence Alert!! We get asked this all the time! ...

206503199544746_2022583857936662 1660435202

13 Aug 2022

It’s winter here in fabulous Southland: -2 degrees at night with cool sunny days. Tours don’t start up till December 1st but ...

206503199544746_2014596508735397 1659916802

07 Aug 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #24: WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?
Answer: We are based in Bluff which is small port town located right at t...

206503199544746_2014605602067821 1659484802

02 Aug 2022

Nice calm approach to Bluff port. July 2022

206503199544746_2014594052068976 1659484803

02 Aug 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #12: WHEN DO THE SHARKS COME BACK?
Answer: Some of them are here all the time! Great Whites h...

206503199544746_2008548429340205 1658707203

24 Jul 2022

For our US friends celebrating Shark Week on the couch this coming week - a wee bit of 'Wonky' to keep you warm and fuzzy wit...

206503199544746_2000251080169940 1657756803

13 Jul 2022

Shark Awareness Day is every day for the team at Shark Experience! A lot is to be done in New Zealand waters to safe guard th...

206503199544746_1998801246981590 1657670403

12 Jul 2022

Winter TV Watch!

206503199544746_1980603702134678 1655683203

19 Jun 2022

Happy World Albatross Day! May your numbers improve, your habitats be saved and your species be seen by many generations to ...

206503199544746_1965510490310666 1653955203

30 May 2022

Our last tour update of the year is usually about some fabulous shark faces, but before we hanker down for the winter, we wou...

206503199544746_1960425060819209 1653350403

23 May 2022

Due to a number of weather cancellations this month, we have an additional tour released for the 2021/2022 season: Sunday 29...

206503199544746_1958995650962150 1653264003

22 May 2022

Another day at sea with these lovelies
#sharklove #sharkcage #sharkcagedive #sharkexperiencebluff #bluffnz #southlandnz #newz...

206503199544746_1955301954664853 1652832003

17 May 2022

Q. What is a typical day out with Shark Experience?
A. There is none. Everyday is different. That applies to the weather, t...

13 May 2022

For our visitors heading South next weekend!

WHEN ???? Happening Saturday May ...

206503199544746_1948227808705601 1652054403

08 May 2022

Watching nature at its best! #sharks #birdwatching #greatwhiteshark #Albatross #sharkexperiencebluff #bluffnz #southlandnz ...

206503199544746_1947170335478015 1651881602

06 May 2022

No rain, no wind, three sharks… waiting on pies to warm us #perfect

#sharks #greatwhiteshark #sharkexperiencebluff #sharkca...

206503199544746_1943383272523388 1651536002

02 May 2022

We are super stoked to see the borders open for international visitors to New Zealand! There is nothing more delightful than...

21 Apr 2022

????????????????????. Yup. Awesome! ????

206503199544746_1934259283435787 1650412803

19 Apr 2022

Five weeks to go until the end of the 2022/2023 season!
Autumn is upon us, the waves are present, the weather is fickle and ...

206503199544746_1933483576846691 1650326403

18 Apr 2022

Another amazing sunrise and a great day for sharks!
#sunrise #boatinglife #sharkdive #sharkexperiencebluff #sharkcagedive #a...

206503199544746_1931584333703282 1650153603

16 Apr 2022

No Easter bonnets or bunnies here.. this is about as decorative as it gets!
#greatwhiteshark #pretty #easter #sharkexperi...

206503199544746_1929282970600085 1649894402

13 Apr 2022

Woohoo!!!! Orange! Not too much for a change for Shark Experience Tours but good to celebrate a change! So if you are plan...

206503199544746_1927219157473133 1649635203

10 Apr 2022

This snippet doesn't do this lady justice ????????. At 4.8m long, she deserves a big screen!
#sharklove #biggalsrule #greatw...

206503199544746_1925320824329633 1649376003

07 Apr 2022

The Foveaux Strait is looking back to its normal self this week with monochrome skies and a wee chill.. but that aint stoppin...

04 Apr 2022

Serious about Sharks?? ... so is this guy. Shark Experience loves that Mike Coots not only fights for their place in our wo...

206503199544746_1920924834769232 1648854003

01 Apr 2022

An amazing day on the Foveaux Strait yesterday - sun, island views, seals, fish, great visibility, fabulous company... but no...

206503199544746_1919010321627350 1648681202

30 Mar 2022

It can take forever to get that perfect shot. ????
Just another day in the life of a wildlife photographer... but Im sure ...

23 Mar 2022

Yeap, you heard the lady... big changes on the Red Traffic Light criteria. ???? This means: Shark Experience will still do...

206503199544746_1911001862428196 1647644403

18 Mar 2022

When you are 4.5m long, its really hard to the right camera angle! New tour dates just released for April 2022! Bring on t...

206503199544746_1907484946113221 1647298803

14 Mar 2022

We have been patient... and they have finally arrived! The LADIES are here!!! This wee beauty showed up in yesterdays to...

206503199544746_1905956929599356 1647126003

12 Mar 2022

Always nice to see a familiar face. ???? But we are also up to making new friends too! Only 60 days left in this years Shar...

11 Mar 2022

The end of Sea Week, but dont make it the end of your ocean focus! Check out the events, resources and links at https://ww...

206503199544746_1905240789670970 1647039603

11 Mar 2022

Sea Week: How we connect to the sea? We live it. We love it. We appreciate it. We respect it. The Shark Cage Diving indust...

206503199544746_1904369199758129 1646866803

09 Mar 2022

Seaweek Update: We cant imagine what our marine landscape would be like without the care and attention of some pretty speci...

206503199544746_1902982586563457 1646694003

07 Mar 2022

Sea Week has a big focus on not only appreciating our ocean, but education and understanding our moana. Big Ups to the tea...

206503199544746_1902295119965537 1646607603

06 Mar 2022

Seaweek: The crew at SE are keen to spread the word on the great things being done to protect the oceans around Aotearoa. ...

206503199544746_1901580153370367 1646521202

05 Mar 2022

Sunday, the 2nd Day of Seaweek! Amazing things are being done to protect our oceans, and you can play a part too! Minimi...

206503199544746_1900831210111928 1646434803

04 Mar 2022

Today is the first day of SeaWeek 2022. We are blessed that we get to work in such an amazing environment - one we are keen...

206503199544746_1900166820178367 1646348403

03 Mar 2022

Shark Cage Diving Question #17: Will we see sharks?
Answer: We hope so! The Rule is: Mother Nature is Boss. The magnificent...

01 Mar 2022

We will miss the fun times at the Oyster Festival again this year but love this great intro by Bluff local, Tracker!

206503199544746_1891946681000381 1645484403

21 Feb 2022

Stand back boys.. This one is for the ladies... who like sparkles and sharks...
#sharklove #sharks #sparkle #nofilter #ocean...

206503199544746_1885203095008073 1644620403

11 Feb 2022

If you visited the Shark Shop in Bluff last month you may have seen the display on some of the great work being done by Susta...

206503199544746_1884016431793406 1644534003

10 Feb 2022

Some serious shark love going on here... crazy weather, amazing beasties and the odd toothy smile ????
#sharklove #sharkexper...

206503199544746_1880632032131846 1644102003

05 Feb 2022

Fantastic to have our usual weather back over the last couple of days ( a low of 8 degree and a high of 15... ) and plenty of...

206503199544746_1876870082508041 1643583604

30 Jan 2022

When size does matter.... new face from yesterdays tour... ????????
#sharklove #greatwhiteshark #bigboy #sharkexperiencebluff...

206503199544746_1874795189382197 1643410804

27 Jan 2022

We get to meet some pretty amazing people in our game.. Super stoked with our new supplier of "Lawn Sharks' (for the shark l...

206503199544746_1871485826379800 1642978804

23 Jan 2022

Just another weather update...
#fourseasonsinoneday #weather #foveauxstrait #southlandnz #bluffnz #sharkexperiencebluff #sh...

206503199544746_1871437389717977 1642978804

23 Jan 2022

If your day got a wee bit stressful after todays announcement, turn up the sound and take 30 seconds to relax. You got this...

206503199544746_1870751146453268 1642892404

22 Jan 2022

Back to work? Us too...

206503199544746_1862367150625001 1641855604

10 Jan 2022

...and we got her on film! ???????? Its unusual for the same shark to be seen on multiple tours but this wee ocean floor hug...

206503199544746_1860037787524604 1641510004

06 Jan 2022

Not a tiger shark, but he's got stripes! This nice young male was one of the fabulous four that visited our team on yeste...

206503199544746_1856967834498266 1641164404

02 Jan 2022

It goes without saying that 2021 was a shocker for many in the world. We'd like to sum up the crazy of this year with this pi...

206503199544746_1849634418564941 1640632917

23 Dec 2021

#merikirihimete #merrychristmas2021 #sharkexperiencebluff #sharklove #bluffnz #southlandnz #bringon2022

206503199544746_1846736425521407 1640632917

18 Dec 2021

After a couple of super tough days at sea, Mother Nature has spoken and our scheduled tours for the coming week have been can...

206503199544746_1845333612328355 1640632918

16 Dec 2021

Wee snippet from J and R who tackled the Foveaux Strait in our first week of the season. Great footage Mr R!

206503199544746_1844107002451016 1640632918

15 Dec 2021

Summer Greetings from Bluff! There is nothing like a Southland Holiday... four seasons in one day, four club sandwiches and a...

206503199544746_1843191435875906 1640632919

13 Dec 2021

Orange Traffic Light it is! New Tour dates for the Christmas break now released; https://sharkexperience.rezdy.com/catalog/...

206503199544746_1837056419822741 1640632919

04 Dec 2021

Day 3 of the season and after a tough day yesterday, we had a wonderful surprise.....
#sharkexperiencebluff #southlandnz #blu...

206503199544746_1832687903592926 1640632921

28 Nov 2021

A taste of summer... here he is our first Great White of the 2021/22 summer season! The Boss went out for a wee lookie on the...

206503199544746_1830663617128688 1640632921

25 Nov 2021

Not a Black Friday announcement! Just a Christmas Gift that will create a memory of a lifetime...
#sharkexperiencebluff #g...

206503199544746_1825950580933325 1640632922

19 Nov 2021

cant wait...
#summer2021 #bluffnz #southlandnz #sharks #sharkexperiencebluff

206503199544746_1824593311069052 1640632922

17 Nov 2021

14 sleeps until the 2021 Shark Cage diving season begins! #summer #sharks #greatwhiteshark #bluffnz #southlandnz #sharkc...

206503199544746_1815176408677409 1640632923

04 Nov 2021

Not just for tourists:
1. Drive Carefully 2. Be Prepared 3. Show Respect 4. Protect Nature 5. Keep New Zealand Clean


206503199544746_1780551118806605 1631923203

17 Sep 2021

Shark Cage Dive Question Number 62: He makariri te wai? Is the water cold?
Answer: it can be! Depending on the time of year w...

206503199544746_1772558956272488 1640632923

07 Sep 2021

No music, just the quiet moments of a day out on the Strait last season. Bring on Summer! Tours start 1st December 2021

206503199544746_1771191439742573 1640632923

05 Sep 2021

The crew at Shark Experience are wishing all of NZ Good Luck with this round of Lockdown! Masks, family exercise outings an...

06 Jul 2021

Showcasing our special part of the world, 'Orca vs Great White' screening on National Geographic tonight! Some amazing foot...

206503199544746_1674667312728320 1620602153

01 May 2021

Amazing wee bits of art keep popping up in Bluff. Thanks for the Shark love Eric, good karma is heading your way. #cheros_one...

206503199544746_1671110976417287 1620602154

26 Apr 2021

Crazy day out on the ocean today but the perfect day for Makka, who finishes the season with Shark Experience on 100% Great W...

206503199544746_1649552211906497 1620602154

28 Mar 2021

Is it rough? Is it tough? It might be cos its Bluff!
If you are after a five star cruise on calm seas and cocktails while ga...

206503199544746_1632854356909616 1615071606

06 Mar 2021

Another amazing day in Bluff! The sun is here, the oysters are here but we are still waiting in the Big Gals to arrive!

206503199544746_1630104840517901 1614726011

02 Mar 2021

Hang in there Auckland! We'll be here when you get out of Level 3.
#Covid19Update #sharkexperiencebluff #sharks #teamof5m...

206503199544746_1625613487633703 1614207604

24 Feb 2021

Come on Cara! Get in the Cage!
#TravelGuidesNZ #sharks #getwet #comfortzone #bluffnz #southlandnz #inourbackyard

206503199544746_1622765774585141 1613862005

20 Feb 2021

Heading off to see some locals

206503199544746_1615072022021183 1612998006

10 Feb 2021

Massive shout out to the artists taking part in South Sea Spray for Bluff/Motupohue! Looks like everyone visiting Bluff will...

206503199544746_1608293052699080 1612220405

01 Feb 2021

2021 has arrived and bought some amazing weather, some amazing people to Bluff - and some amazing sharks!

206503199544746_1563554483839604 1607209204

05 Dec 2020

As well as loving sharks, we love keeping it local!
Delighted to stock Jupiter and Pip Little Taonga @gaiagirlsbluff and sup...

206503199544746_1563062910555428 1607209206

05 Dec 2020

Day 1 of the 2020/2021 season: What a crazy day! There was rain, there was sun, there was wind and there were sharks!

206503199544746_1558069854388067 1606604409

28 Nov 2020

Shark Lockdown showing on Discovery NZ Shark Week tonight!

27 Nov 2020

Quiet Friday night? There is a fabulous looking Shark Cage on Discovery Channel right now! Oh, and damn good looking sha...

206503199544746_1555568294638223 1606345205

25 Nov 2020

Shark Experience Gift Vouchers are available all year round but we recommend ordering your NZ postal vouchers before 15th Dec...

25 Nov 2020

And again... 3 SHARKS

24 Nov 2020

Further News: Another SHARK!!!

24 Nov 2020

News today: SHARK!!!

206503199544746_1550600538468332 1605826807

19 Nov 2020

ONE week until Shark Week on Discovery Channel in NZ!!!

206503199544746_1481687125359674 1600560008

19 Sep 2020

One of five places in the world where you can do this.... and its in our backyard.
#kiwitravel #bluffnz #mysouthland #south...

206503199544746_1481677435360643 1599436804

06 Sep 2020

Dreaming of summer? We are.
Shark Cage Diving season opens 5th December 2020.
#sharkcagediving #sharklove #summer #mysouth...

206503199544746_1459324074262646 1597276804

12 Aug 2020

Yet another show case of New Zealand’s Great Whites and the fabulous humans who are there to protect them. Check out Riley an...

206503199544746_1456748577853529 1597104004

10 Aug 2020

Woohoo! Check out some of the locals

206503199544746_1428746517320402 1594252804

08 Jul 2020

When opportunity knocks folks....

206503199544746_1420639954797725 1593388807

28 Jun 2020

Amazing creatures #endangered #precious #mako

206503199544746_1416918648503189 1592956808

23 Jun 2020

Another Shark Cage Diving season comes to close here in Bluff. We will see you again on the 1st December 2020!
Our thanks t...

206503199544746_1412868878908166 1592611206

19 Jun 2020

Happy Albatross Day! May your numbers improve, your habitats be saved and your species be seen by many generations to come. ...

206503199544746_1407267792801608 1592006409

12 Jun 2020

#sharkwatch #bluffnz #mysouthland

206503199544746_1400146396847081 1591315205

04 Jun 2020

Flying in Southland again! Amazing news ✈️ Air New Zealand!
The crew at Shark Experience here are super stoked that the Inve...

206503199544746_1385663178295403 1589846406

18 May 2020

Happy Level 2! Congratulations New Zealand for continuing the Covid19 fight. While the world waits to mingle again, a quick ...

206503199544746_1380529848808736 1589328006

12 May 2020

Just checking you are still there?

206503199544746_1347868015408253 1586044803

03 Apr 2020

Lockdown in NZ means keeping kiwis safe..but no daily shark fix...
The most amazing images from Mike Coots (Surfer, Shar...

23 Mar 2020

The Goods News? Despite the weather, we had a lovely 2 hour session with a very friendly Great White today.

206503199544746_1333006476894407 1584486003

17 Mar 2020

We appreciate and value our manuhiri, and we wish them all safe travels home. For those who live in this beautiful place, it...

206503199544746_1329355813926140 1584054004

12 Mar 2020

Since we saw this guy on Day 1, we have had 92 Great White sightings... and only 12 of those beautiful faces we have seen bef...

206503199544746_1329353310593057 1584054005

12 Mar 2020

Graceful and Curious. Photo Credit: Morin

206503199544746_1320847564776965 1583190006

02 Mar 2020

The crazy filter effect of a sunny day on the Strait. This guy from Saturday was majestic #nofilter #shark #graceful #shar...

206503199544746_1315695618625493 1582585204

24 Feb 2020

Yeah, it can be rough and some days it’s tough... but the rewards are great!

206503199544746_1312746242253764 1582326004

21 Feb 2020

Tough day at the office yesterday- in the weather

206503199544746_1309098999285155 1581894003

16 Feb 2020

Daily Update: Cyclone? Not here! The Southern Isle and another group of Shark Lovers heading out to meet some locals

206503199544746_1298704926991229 1580857203

03 Feb 2020

Shark Cage Diving Question #14: What time do the sharks turn up?
Answer: Whenever they want! There is no rhyme or reason as ...

206503199544746_1290903967771325 1579993203

25 Jan 2020

Great White, Motunui Island, Foveaux Strait.
This amazing image was taken by Mike Cootes, one of our favourite shark loving ...

206503199544746_1287485201446535 1579647604

21 Jan 2020

A proposal, two Great Whites and a calm passage home, who could ask for a better day!
#sharks #shesaidyes #sharkexperiencebl...

206503199544746_1274042612790794 1578351604

06 Jan 2020

Day 7 of the new year and we finally have a calm start to the day! #sharkcagedive #calmseas #whereissummer #bluffnz #southla...

206503199544746_1270759213119134 1578092403

03 Jan 2020

Did you have too much to eat over the holiday season? This guy did! #sharks #greatwhite #tummy #toomuchfood #sharkexperienc...

206503199544746_1258555607672828 1577142003

23 Dec 2019

Day 9: A new day, a new face and another great reason to tackle the Foveaux Strait! This exceptional looking young man spen...

206503199544746_1256111347917254 1576882803

20 Dec 2019

We have some pretty unique sharks in our neck of the world and this little guy is no exception! He’s part of our mission to r...

13 Dec 2019


206503199544746_1245805912281131 1576018803

10 Dec 2019

This magnificent guy is back again! His distinctive scars make him an easy character to recognise, he's just a wee bit bigge...

206503199544746_1245500308978358 1576018802

10 Dec 2019

Its a hot topic in our industry at the moment, so lets talk about the Cage. What we do has to be safe - for humans and shark...

206503199544746_1243322015862854 1575759603

07 Dec 2019

Day 2- its so awesome to see this beautiful face again! Every year the crew hang out for familiar faces and this happy guy t...

206503199544746_1243317072530015 1575759604

07 Dec 2019

Dude of the Day ( Day 1): This fabulous fatty came to play on Day 1 - evidence that our southern food of the sea can leave y...

206503199544746_1242527819275607 1575759604

07 Dec 2019

Pretty big month for the team at Shark Experience. Reuniting with old crew, welcoming new crew, training, boat prep and getti...

01 Dec 2019

“Shark! Get in the water!!! “

206503199544746_1230569697138086 1574722804

25 Nov 2019

Our team found an SD Card while cleaning up and getting ready for the season... This guy obviously had an awesome day out but...

206503199544746_1215694578625598 1573340403

09 Nov 2019

Is it rough? Is it tough? It might be cos its Bluff! If you are after a five star cruise on calm seas and cocktails while...

206503199544746_1213730872155302 1573772405

07 Nov 2019

Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites, Bluff, Southland New Zealand

206503199544746_1213725452155844 1573167603

07 Nov 2019

Woohoo!!! So excited - Season opens 1st December 2019

206503199544746_1187264844801905 1571184651

11 Oct 2019

The crew at Shark Experience are happy inform the world that Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites is still legal in New Zealan...

206503199544746_1168830103312046 1571184652

18 Sep 2019

Mako, Blues, Sevengillers and even the wee carpet sharks that hang out on the ocean floor at our Dive spots - one of which is...

206503199544746_1162811243913932 1571184652

10 Sep 2019

The crew at Shark Experience LOVE sharks.. and we are so thankful that the tide has turned for humans who are now understandi...

206503199544746_1153370754857981 1567123203

29 Aug 2019


206503199544746_1143303449198045 1566000003

16 Aug 2019

Waiting.. waiting... waiting.. Our crew, and anyone who loves nature, knows that patience is needed while we wait for that m...

206503199544746_1082443465284044 1559606404

03 Jun 2019

Shark Cage Diving Question #1: Is it still legal??
Answer: Well, the Supreme Court of New Zealand is yet to make its de...

206503199544746_1073410466187344 1558656002

23 May 2019

The weather gods have spoken! The final Cage Dive for the Bluff season will now be 31st May 2019 . Limited seats available. P...

14 May 2019

Winter is here! No, we aren’t talking about Game of Thrones and that howling you hear isn’t wolves but some serious Southlan...

206503199544746_1056035057924885 1556755204

01 May 2019

Its almost that time of year....

206503199544746_1052352818293109 1556409602

27 Apr 2019

You wouldn’t believe it looking at the weather today, but yesterday was great! Big Congrats to Dave, Ben and Bruce who finall...

206503199544746_1044861009042290 1555632004

18 Apr 2019

Avoiding a crowded Easter? Come to one of the remotest parts of New Zealand and experience something amazing
#sharks #bigfis...

206503199544746_1040048809523510 1555027204

11 Apr 2019

Tease Alert! Not a clasper in sight... the GALS ARE BACK IN TOWN!! #bluffnz #sharkexperiencebluff #girlsrock

206503199544746_1035061906688867 1554595202

06 Apr 2019

That time you went out to see sharks but you saw dolphins instead.

206503199544746_1027653737429684 1553727603

27 Mar 2019

A huge

206503199544746_1015899731938418 1552258803

10 Mar 2019

The best days are 'No Wait Days'

206503199544746_1015113472017044 1566432004

08 Mar 2019

Up to 80% OFF all Dive and Fishing Gear. End of Summer Sale

206503199544746_993060370889021 1550185203

14 Feb 2019

Cage Diving Question #16: Do we guarantee seeing sharks?
Answer: Mother Nature rules and we don't get a say! Everyday out at...

206503199544746_992696390925419 1549407603

05 Feb 2019

What do Sharks and Motorcycles have in common?
Not much.. but the Boss loves them both! If you are heading to Bluff for the B...

05 Feb 2019

What do Sharks and Motorcycles have in common?
Not much.. but the Boss loves them both! If you are heading to Bluff for the B...

206503199544746_987369534791438 1548802804

29 Jan 2019

Tiddles is a man of many talents - including getting a GoPro to work sideways! Love your work Tiddles! #gopro #notcagediving...

206503199544746_980752788786446 1547938804

19 Jan 2019

We didn’t get to see any Big Fish today ⛈

206503199544746_977776002417458 1547506803

14 Jan 2019

Videobomb? #fish #photobomb #videobomb #smile #bigfish #sharkexperiencebluff #bluffnz #southlandnz #mustdonz

206503199544746_973647729496952 1546988404

08 Jan 2019

Something else to add to your To Do list while in Bluff! #bluffnz #southlandnz #newzealand #thingstodo

04 Jan 2019

Cage Diving Question #1: Can we still Cage dive in New Zealand?
Answer: Yes. Diving in a Cage is fine ( oh and safe!) ...

206503199544746_966861556842236 1546124402

28 Dec 2018

I cant imagine a better way to spend such a beautiful day out on the Strait... or maybe...., #catchandrelease #summer #bluffn...

206503199544746_966157320245993 1545951602

27 Dec 2018

Tough day at the office!

206503199544746_963384320523293 1545606002

23 Dec 2018

Dreaming of a [dare I say "Great"] White Christmas?

15 Dec 2018

Tough day out at sea...Sunny.. no wind...22 degrees.. 11.5 degree water temp... No Makos.. only one Blue Cod caught.. and tho...

206503199544746_949418105253248 1543791603

02 Dec 2018

Day 2 of the Season! We are rapt with the calm seas and sun burnt faces of the Foveaux Strait the last few days... but it’s g...

28 Nov 2018

While we patiently wait for the winds to subside... lets enjoy the natural beauty that is Southland! https://youtu.be/hj1q7...

206503199544746_938237103038015 1542322804

15 Nov 2018

One little fishy...

04 Oct 2018

Hey Shark Lovers!

Our team are now back in NZ after hanging out with some big fish overseas. While we were away, there was ...

06 Sep 2018

An oldie but a goodie “Shark cage diving offers tourists the opportunity to view sharks underwater at close range from the sa...

206503199544746_880501285478264 1533945603

10 Aug 2018

Shark Cage Diving Question# 291; Do they really get that close? Answer: Yes! Great Whites are curious. They wanna know wh...

206503199544746_844558735739186 1530921603

06 Jul 2018

Yeap you can!#sharkcagedive #greatwhites #funnyfullas

206503199544746_841578086037251 1530662403

03 Jul 2018

There are many wonderful things happening in the world of conservation.... but there is still so much to do. https://www.do...

206503199544746_839701029558290 1530489602

01 Jul 2018


206503199544746_831047803756946 1529712004

22 Jun 2018

Its time to say goodbye!. The Shark Cage is now stashed away on shore, the crew are off on a well deserved break.. and the G...

15 Jun 2018

What happens when you put a couple of comedians in a cage. #joshandmearle #sharkcagediving #sharkexperiencebluff #bluff #so...

206503199544746_819611671567226 1528243203

05 Jun 2018

Its almost time to say goodbye. There are only three more tours until the end of our Shark Cage Diving season. Its cold, but ...

206503199544746_818720778322982 1528070403

03 Jun 2018

Another stunning day in Southland hanging out with Great Whites and some hardy souls! #sharks #sharkcagediving #greatwhite #s...

206503199544746_816950078500052 1527811203

31 May 2018

Into a bit of kiwi humour? Check out Josh & Mearle’s adventures while they hung out with us in Bluff!

28 May 2018

"Hey Boss, how was the tour today?"..
Captain Mike: "ahh bit of this

206503199544746_813791605482566 1527206403

24 May 2018

This is Tom. Tom likes Great Whites.
Tom got a Selfie with a Great White when he visited Bluff .
Be like Tom and enter Shar...

206503199544746_813703225491404 1527206403

24 May 2018

The tide has turned people! For those that have been resisting, it’s now time to go with the flow #notoplastic #ocean #bottle...

206503199544746_670222236506171 1526947202

21 May 2018

2017 Shark Selfie Competition Winner Jimmy and a very cute looking Great White Shark!

206503199544746_808312992697094 1526083202

11 May 2018

Messages from the crew back to the office #stuckintheoffice #fomo #sharks

206503199544746_808214179373642 1526083203

11 May 2018

First day out in over a week due to weather! We met a 4.5m male, two smaller young males and A 5M FEMALE!!!! (Second female o...

206503199544746_803193459875714 1525996803

30 Apr 2018

A picture speaks a thousand words... and this picture is not of a pretty shark! Winter has spoken - and she is coming early!...

206503199544746_801900970004963 1525996804

27 Apr 2018

OK - We agree! Winton... Invercargill... Gore... you are included too! Our Locals Promotion that started last week has be...

206503199544746_801193813409012 1525996804

26 Apr 2018

A stunning day out in the Northern Titi Islands with a great bunch of people... oh - a few Greats Whites too!

206503199544746_799242576937469 1524441602

22 Apr 2018

Tough day at the office..

206503199544746_796439653884428 1524096003

18 Apr 2018

The team at Shark Experience LOVE sharks and we love Southland! Thanks to a collaboration by some local artists we have some ...

206503199544746_797017603826633 1524009602

17 Apr 2018

Mother has spoken! and she has said... not today.. not tomorrow..not the next day (?)... maybe next week?!! We have had to c...

206503199544746_796442453884148 1523836805

15 Apr 2018

The Big Girls are back! We knew they were around and on Saturday this beauty came to say hello! #sharks #greatwhites #shark...

14 Apr 2018

Shark Stats for 14th April 2018: Six Great Whites sighted

11 Apr 2018

Looking for a way to get to Bluff?

206503199544746_791892024339191 1522972803

05 Apr 2018

Another day starts and we are heading out to see some Great Whites! #daylightsavings #sharks #bluff #sharkexperiencebluff

206503199544746_789748331220227 1522540803

31 Mar 2018

It’s rough out here today but these guys are tough! #southernseas #sharks

30 Mar 2018

Oh dear the wind blew so hard we dont have power... or phone! But we still have a couple of seats free on tomorrow’s Shark Di...

28 Mar 2018

The team at Shark Experience are committed to helping protect Great White Sharks. We urge all kiwis and visitors to New Zea...

206503199544746_787475424780851 1522191605

26 Mar 2018

We have been seeing some lovely Great Whites this month.. but its that time of year when the weather is the BOSS! If you ar...

206503199544746_785942548267472 1521846002

23 Mar 2018

Shark Cage Diving Question 26: Whats the water temp down there? Answer: This month, usually 14-15 degrees... and in true So...

206503199544746_782625051932555 1521327603

17 Mar 2018

Some retro filter footage done by the boss earlier this month. #sharks #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagedive #retrofilters #lovesh...

15 Mar 2018

Weather Warning- Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March 2018. We braved it out a couple of times this week and we have a small wi...

11 Mar 2018

This is what it's all about for us.

“Many are surprised by their experience,” says research project leader PhD candidate K...

10 Mar 2018

No.... We don’t serve pies for lunch.

09 Mar 2018

Keeping up the good work, thanks Samoa. #stopfinning #pacific #samoa #sharks #savesharks #helpsavesharks #stopkilling #apex...

206503199544746_778722845656109 1520636402

09 Mar 2018

[said with a kiwi accent] "Aye? ate sharks?".... "Nah Bro... EIGHT SHARKS!" #greatwhite #shark #sharkexperience #sharkcaged...

206503199544746_775608882634172 1520118002

03 Mar 2018

Shark Cage Diving Question #59: How many sharks do you see on average? Answer: It varies! they are wild animals and they d...

206503199544746_774662216062172 1520031603

02 Mar 2018

How you doin?
#sharkexperiencebluff #sharkcagediving #cagediving #greatwhite #shark #greatwhiteshark #mustdonz #bucketlist ...

27 Feb 2018

The team at Shark Experience are committed to helping protect Great White Sharks. We urge all kiwis and visitors to New Zeala...

25 Feb 2018

Hey Kiwis! Thinking of a Southland weekend away? Dont forget if you are getting a nice flight deal into Queenstown, GO RENT...

206503199544746_770766443118416 1519254003

21 Feb 2018

What’s the shark cage diving like today? #awesome #sharks #mustdonz

206503199544746_768714076656986 1519081203

19 Feb 2018

Shark Cage Diving Question 46: How big are the sharks? Answer: They come in all shapes and sizes, but at the moment we are be...

206503199544746_768711229990604 1518908402

17 Feb 2018

Shark Cage Diving Question 15: Are you guys on Stewart Island? Answer; No.. we are in Bluff right at the bottom of the Sou...

17 Feb 2018

Weather Warning- Monday 19th February 2018. We braved it today but its gonna get nasty before it will get better.. so it is ...

206503199544746_767057136822680 1518649202

14 Feb 2018

Time to go shark cage diving! #sharks #greatwhiteshark #sharkexperiencebluff #sunrise #bucketlist #southlandnz

206503199544746_765822380279489 1518476403

12 Feb 2018

Back home from hanging out with a big male most of the afternoon! (Can you spot the claspers???) #sharkexperiencebluff #shark...

206503199544746_764322273762833 1518130803

08 Feb 2018

Just in from the boat! Miss Maddy, our Tour Hostess, caught this beautiful boy using her GoPro from ON TOP of the cage. #s...

206503199544746_764284190433308 1518130803

08 Feb 2018

Shark Cage Diving Question 48: Is it a boy or a girl? Answer: Like with most animals, its about the dangley bits. Althoug...

206503199544746_761444977383896 1517612402

02 Feb 2018

Boys, if you are heading south for the Burt Munro Challenge, we've still got a few seats left this week. #burtmunrochalle...

31 Jan 2018

Four Seasons in one week...

206503199544746_758374001024327 1517094002

27 Jan 2018

We get asked a lot of questions about Sharks.... but the most commonly asked question this month is "How do I get from Inverc...

206503199544746_756545457873848 1516834802

24 Jan 2018

Looky looky... deals to Southland! Time to plan your Shark Experience in the Deep South! #southlandnz #sharkexperiencebluff #...

206503199544746_755910637937330 1516662002

22 Jan 2018

#firesky #bluff #southlandnz

20 Jan 2018

✋ High five to our passengers and crew who braved the Foveaux Strait today! A wee bit rough but they were rewarded with 5 Gre...

18 Jan 2018


206503199544746_753155334879527 1516143602

16 Jan 2018

Love that smile! This little dude has been loving the camera... I swear Ive seen that face in at least 20 places online this...

14 Jan 2018

Meet Schubert! This lovely chappy has been spending his summers in the Northern TiTi Islands for a couple of years now, and...

206503199544746_751351748393219 1515798002

12 Jan 2018

#sharks #greatwhite #sharkcagediving #bluff #sharkexperiencebluff #newzealand #southland #getinthewater

206503199544746_750892445105816 1515711602

11 Jan 2018

2018 is off a cracking start! Sunny days, beautiful sunrises and some damn fine looking sharks! See our shark sightings at w...

206503199544746_749372971924430 1515452402

08 Jan 2018


206503199544746_748321058696288 1515193202

05 Jan 2018

Stunning shark watching weather!

206503199544746_747030725491988 1515020403

03 Jan 2018

Waiting for the perfect shark shot... then you miss it! #itwasthisbig #perfectshot #shark #greatwhiteshark #sharkexperiencebl...

206503199544746_744884355706625 1514588402

29 Dec 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #38: If I go as a Sightseer, is there much to see from the boat? Answer: Sure is. We have lovel...

206503199544746_744485335746527 1514588403

28 Dec 2017

Its that time of year when we reflect... we prioritize whats important in our lives....we plan for the next 365 days... and ...

23 Dec 2017

6 Sharks! this isn't a 12 Days of Christmas thing... There are really a bunch of people out there right now... in a cage... c...

23 Dec 2017

5 Sharks...

23 Dec 2017

4 Sharks!

23 Dec 2017

3 Sharks!

23 Dec 2017

Another shark!

23 Dec 2017

A shark!!!

206503199544746_741791496015911 1514070002

23 Dec 2017

A typical summers day on Foveaux Strait? I think not! but it looks stunning! Thank you Sebastian U for your great drone wo...

206503199544746_741718379356556 1514070004

23 Dec 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #62; "Why do the sharks come here?" Answer: We'd love to say because of us! but we just aren't th...

206503199544746_741240309404363 1513897202

21 Dec 2017

Shark! .... another Shark!!!!

206503199544746_740420259486368 1513810802

19 Dec 2017

Shark! Or is it? This wee chap is a cutie at only 2.6m long. #shark #greatwhite #babyboy #sharkcagediving #sharkexperienceblu...

206503199544746_739648679563526 1513638002

18 Dec 2017

A sunny day out on the Strait with Shark Experience. Thanks Sebastian - awesome drone work! #sharkexperiencebluff #sharks ...

206503199544746_738212746373786 1513292404

14 Dec 2017

How cute is this guy? Do you wanna meet a Great White? Due to a change in the weather forecast we have decided to go out ag...

206503199544746_737757463085981 1513206002

13 Dec 2017

A beautiful day as we head out on Foveaux Strait.... here Sharkie Sharkie... #beautifulbluff #sharkexperiencebluff #sharks

206503199544746_737404306454630 1513119602

12 Dec 2017

We aren’t out playing with Great Whites today... it’s raining... it’s cold... but it’s OK cos it’s SHARK WEEK on Discovery!!!...

206503199544746_735183750010019 1512774002

08 Dec 2017

The weathers not the best to go out and see Great Whites today but you can see them all around the streets of Bluff! #sharks ...

06 Dec 2017

SHARK!!! (No photo... too excited ... must get in water!!!!)

206503199544746_734170116778049 1512514803

05 Dec 2017

Happy Shark Divers after a day out in the Foveaux Strait yesterday

206503199544746_733632853498442 1512428402

04 Dec 2017


206503199544746_731906567004404 1512082802

30 Nov 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #32: “when do the sharks come back?” Answer: they are here all the time! Great Whites have been r...

206503199544746_731121050416289 1511996403

28 Nov 2017

2 more sleeps until Shark cage diving season begins and then we get to hear the skipper yell SHARK!!! #shark #greatwhite #sha...

206503199544746_729820247213036 1511650802

25 Nov 2017

These guys are super playful today! ! #splash #fivemoresleeps #sharkcagedive #herecomestrouble #countdown #shark #greatwhite ...

206503199544746_729806077214453 1511650803

25 Nov 2017

Mr Shark is back again! #splash #fivemoresleeps #sharkcagedive #herecomestrouble #countdown #shark #greatwhite #sharkexperien...

206503199544746_728007077394353 1511391603

22 Nov 2017

There are EIGHT more sleeps to Shark Cage Diving Season opens for Shark Experience here in Bluff.... but 31 sleeps until Chri...

206503199544746_728006534061074 1511305203

21 Nov 2017

If you have some special in your life that you want to put in a snug 7mm wet suit, pop them in 14 degree water, in a metal ca...

206503199544746_726307634230964 1511046002

17 Nov 2017

We snuck out to the island for a bit of pre season “who is out there” .... and spent some time with a wee 3m male Great White...

14 Nov 2017

Planning a "Grown Up" Boys weekend away?
head to Invers with Go Rentals and get discounts on Shark Cage Diving, Motorcycle M...

206503199544746_722375807957480 1510268403

09 Nov 2017

WARNING!!! Nude Shot! Not often you get to see an under carriage like this! Great White breaching off the Norther...

206503199544746_721655468029514 1510268403

09 Nov 2017

Its only one of five countries in the world AND the only place in New Zealand, where you can Shark Cage Dive with Great White...

206503199544746_718622028332858 1509490802

31 Oct 2017

You may be excited about the big guy in the Santa suit but Im into Great Whites! Only 29 sleeps and then its SHARK TIME!!!!...

206503199544746_717717031756691 1509318002

29 Oct 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #16: When do you guys start up? Answer: 1st December!

206503199544746_713845522143842 1508540402

20 Oct 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #14: “ How big is ya boat?”

206503199544746_711273629067698 1508281203

17 Oct 2017

Its only one of five countries in the world AND the only place in New Zealand, where you can Shark Cage Dive with Great White...

206503199544746_692798057581922 1507676403

10 Oct 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question # 6: Where are you guys? Answer: We are based in Bluff which is small port town located right a...

06 Oct 2017

Looking at heading to the South Island for a Shark Cage dive? Get 10% off a Shark Cage Dive when you hire a car with Go Rent...

206503199544746_692797184248676 1507071603

03 Oct 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #56: How safe is that cage? Answer: Im going with SAFE! Its custom designed to accommodate diver...

206503199544746_692790727582655 1506038403

21 Sep 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #134: How clear is the water down your way? Its not bad. Depending on the tide... the weather....

206503199544746_692788614249533 1505433603

14 Sep 2017

Questions about Shark Cage Diving # 291; Do they really get that close? Yes! Great Whites are curious. They wanna know who...

206503199544746_692799677581760 1504473114

01 Sep 2017

Shark Cage Diving Question #22: Do I need a Dive Certificate? Answer: No! Training is available on the day. We have an on...

206503199544746_100320220705915 1504473114

26 Aug 2017

The fun begins! Day One of Shark Cage Diving for the 2017/8 Season! Pop in to our booking office at 64 Gore Street, for a s...

24 Aug 2017

If you came out with Shark Experience over the summer you may have met Dr. Raj Aich, from the Department of Anthropology at t...

206503199544746_683130725215322 1504473115

06 Aug 2017

Its time to plan for your summer holidays! Come down and see the fishies in Southland, New Zealand! They always get away ;-...

206503199544746_681476745380720 1504473115

02 Aug 2017

Need some winter reading? Check out what the lovely people at NZ National Geographic have put together for Shark Week! #s...

28 Jul 2017

Awesome memories from this season! Thanks Josh! A nice prelude to Shark Week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEuN4Ek16...

206503199544746_670212789840449 1501548494

17 Jul 2017

Thank goodness times have changed! The Great White Shark has been protected in New Zealand waters since 2007. The team at Sha...

10 Jul 2017

Congratulations to Jimmy our 2017 Shark Selfie Competition winner! Thank you to everyone who emailed and posted their favou...

206503199544746_662467067281688 1500253449

24 Jun 2017

A very big THANK YOU to our wonderful crew and our fantastic customers who made our adventures out on Foveaux Strait so great...

206503199544746_659614450900283 1500253450

17 Jun 2017

Big Boy with a Smile. Photo Credits to Erin Anderson

206503199544746_654142594780802 1500253450

08 Jun 2017

Lets face it - its getting pretty cold out there, so our last trip this season is the 17th June. We still have a few seats av...

31 May 2017

** LAST DAY FOR SELFIE SUBMISSIONS! Email your best shot to info@sharkexperience.co.nz ***** ...

206503199544746_648958995299162 1500253450

28 May 2017

So sad that our Shark Cage Diving season is coming to a close soon.. but so HAPPY its almost SHARK WEEK!! #sharkweek #disc...

206503199544746_648106378717757 1500253450

26 May 2017

We had a special guest onboard today... Mr G Nome took charge of the cage today! #gnome #sharkcagediving #shark #traveller #s...

23 May 2017

If you are a local, check out this deal! Only a few seats left for June!

206503199544746_646717798856615 1500253450

22 May 2017

.."just as important as the Kakapo and the kiwi, and we should care for them in the same way.." Dr Malcolm Francis, NIWA htt...

206503199544746_645932938935101 1500253451

21 May 2017

Travel NZ Checklist Update : a) travelled over the Foveaux Strait in "rough seas"✅ b)wore a wet suit all day in under 10 degr...

206503199544746_643754305819631 1500253451

15 May 2017

We always get asked "can you see them from the boat?". Yeah.... just depends on the size... #sharkwatch #sizedoesmatter #shar...

206503199544746_643495792512149 1500253451

15 May 2017

Shark Fact: Great White Sharks feed, on average, once every two to three weeks. #hungry #sharks #greatwhitesharks #wedontac...

15 May 2017

Just another day out on the Strait..... Someone just yelled "SHARK! Get in the water!!" #sharkwatch #getinthewater #shark #g...

12 May 2017

Someone just yelled "SHARK! Get in the water!!" #sharkwatch #getinthewater #shark #greatwhiteshark #sharkcagediving #sharkex...

10 May 2017

FaNtAsTiC nEwS on the ENVIRONMENT front. Its been protected in NZ since 2007 but news out yesterday is that the Government...

206503199544746_639205699607825 1500253452

05 May 2017

CALLING ALL SOUTHLANDERS ( awwww... and you too Otago)! Check out this great deal for locals!

206503199544746_637425773119151 1500253452

01 May 2017

Lovely 4.5m lass we hung out with today off Edward Island. Video credits to Yosuf Siddiqui - thanks for sharing Yosuf. #sha...

206503199544746_637425403119188 1500253453

01 May 2017

A beautiful 4.5 female off Edward Island, today 1 May 2017, affectionately called "Cuddles" by photographer of this image, S...

206503199544746_637422643119464 1500253453

01 May 2017

Look at this beautiful girl we hung out with today! Thanks to Jake Williams for the great footage. #sharkwatch #getinthewa...

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